Alphabet quilts.

I was asked to make a nursery quilt for my friend Mary's first Grandchild.
I wanted to create something that was interesting, bright and colourful and, (dare I say it), educational.
I hit on the idea of making an alphabet quilt, and set about collecting the vast amount of different fabrics (over 100) needed. (Well, they will always come in)!!!

I used alphabet fabric with the letter for each block, then three different things beginning with that letter. It was quite a challenge for some of the letters!

Anyway, the quilt was finished and everybody loved it, (especially the gorgeous Ayla May).
That started  a bit of a thing for alphabet quilts......................................!

The gorgeous Ayla May, enjoying her quilt.

The next alphabet quilt was a bit different. I decided to do the Christmas alphabet.
Even trickier but a challenge! Amazingly, I entered this in the Village show in 2012 and won third place! The standard of handicrafts is always very high, so you can imagine how chuffed I was to get 3rd.

I also won 1st prize for my poem in the poetry class, so it was a good day!

I have more alphabet quilts in the pipeline, just need the time to sew them!

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