Quilts and their story.

My quilting friend Jill was asked to design a quilt for the Royal Wedding for British Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. She designed a Commemorative Flag, based on the Union Jack made up of 2" Squares. She suggested I try it out to her pattern.

Jill made hers in traditional red, white & blue.

I decided to take a slightly different slant, and made mine with much more paler colours, calling it 'Vintage Britannia'. Jill liked the effect, and suggested I send a photo to the magazine. This I did, and was very surprised when, reading the article, there was my quilt in print!
Here is a picture of the quilt:

Vintage Britannia.

I quite like the effect!

This is the quilt in print.
Fame at last!

The quilt below is a very special quilt. It was made in a week for my wonderful Mum, who had major surgery. She loves it, and used it to snuggle into after her surgery. I call it 'Pansy Pinwheel.'

A close-up of the blocks.

The hanging below, was made for my sisters 60th Birthday. Again it is made from 2" squares.
I decided to make 6 blocks (one for each decade), each block depicting a stage of her life.

 The quilt below is an early exercise in watercolour patchwork. Made to show light & shade.

When I made the Calendar Quilt, I liked the December block so much, I made a quilt of the same design.

A different pansy quilt, made by making the "magic block" seen on my cushions, and sewing them together. Sometimes I think it is a little overpowering, but it is very bright & colourful.

I made a couple of these quilts. I gave one to my friend who owns a fruit & veg shop. I called it 'Five a day- look after your heart.' The green squares represent the 'Five a day' logo.

I have a bit of an obsession with fruit & veg fabrics........ If only I ate as healthily!

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