One of my first cushions. A simple Christmas cushion using squares & half square triangles at the corners.

This one was made for my friend Jane, a textiles teacher. I used sewing inspired fabrics, again using squares & half square triangles.

As a bit of fun I called this "Fruity Britannia." I have a bit of an obsession with fruit & veg fabrics, as you will see at various points of my blogs!!
This was made for Mum to match the pansy quilt I made for her. Same style as above.

Oh dear.......I sense a bit of a theme.........! Anyway, this was made for my daughter. I used fabrics about things she loves.

Made for a friend. I never realised I used the same design so much! However, I have now moved away from this.

Really quick and easy to make. Made using strips sewn together. You could use strips or jelly rolls. You can find out how to do it by watching You Tube. "The amazing jelly roll pattern by three dudes".

This one was made the same way. So quick & easy.

The two together. The same..... but different!

So back to squares again!

Lovely fabrics. Four little heart shaped buttons just wizz it up a bit.

Not patchwork, but edged with bobbles. Bit fiddly to work with though. 
I had a go at making some mini owl cushions. Easy, and fun to make.
And finally........................

This is SO me!!!!!!

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