This was a poem I sent into British Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. I won the star letter of the month, and received a prize of quilting threads.


I think I’m addicted to fabric
Although I’ve got lots, I want more.
I’ve filled every cupboard and bookshelf,
And I’ve boxes galore on the floor.

I save every selvedge and off cut,
For I know I will use them one day,
But I’ve never got what I require,
To the quilt shop, a visit I’ll pay.

And whilst I’m in there just browsing,
More fabric I’ll buy, “just in case”
2 Bulging carrier bags later,
To my quilt room I’ll take it with haste.

The thing is, we’re trying to downsize,
And some things will just have to go,
But I couldn’t give up my fabric,
I must have my quilt room you know!

But now I have made a decision.
No more fabric I’m going to buy,
“But look at that lovely batik”
Oh well, I really did try!!

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