How to make a wreath.

Here is an easy way to create something lovely, using scraps of material and no sewing!
This one lives on my kitchen door and is made from (you've guessed it) fruit & veg fabrics!

All you need is stiff cardboard, spare fabric, ribbon for hanging & a scrap of felt if you want to make the heart shape (or any other shape) in the middle.

Cut the cardboard into a circle of whatever size you want. This one is 9 1/2" total diameter. Cut out the middle leaving an outer ring (mine is 3"wide).

Cut out circle

Cut out centre

Cut fabric strips with pinking shears. They need to be long enough to tie round the ring and a bit extra. (If they are too long they can be trimmed up after).

Fabric strips
Make two holes in the top of the ring to allow the ribbons to be threaded through.

Holes for ribbons

Start and tie the fabric around the ring. Keep them close together.

Knot the fabrics securely.
When you have gone all the way round thread the ribbon through the top hole for hanging, and the bottom hole to attach your chosen shape.
The back should look like this:

The back of the wreath.

And there you have it! A lovely wreath for your kitchen. You can of course make them in Christmas fabrics, for a seasonal decoration.

Last Christmas I purchased plastic washers and made mini wreaths for the Christmas tree. This time I used thin ribbons in reds & greens, and embellished them with gold & silver beads.

Here is a selection made by my daughter Beckie.

Hope you enjoy having a go!

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