Yo Yo Tutorial.

A couple of years ago, I discovered..... YoYos!

My YoYo Topiary tree.
A couple of years ago my friend & teacher Jill, showed me her topiary tree made with YoYos (or Suffolk Puffs as they are also known). The above photo is my version. I bring it out at Christmas, and have made others for members of the family.

I was hooked on making YoYos as they are so easy, so I thought I would show you how to make them.


1. Cut a circle from a template. (The finished yoyo will be approx half the size).

2. Knot the end of your thread. Turn a hem about 1/4” all the way round and sew with a large stitch.

3. When you have sewn all the way round, pull up the ends and tie together.

4. Cut off the ends and decorate with a button or bead, over the hole.

And that's it! Here is a close up of the top of my tree.

You can do all sorts with them like.....
Or even......
These are simply YoYos that have been stuffed with toy filling just before pulling up tight. Cakes & chocolates that don't have any calories!

I also made these Christmas tree decorations:

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