Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Seaside pinwheel quilt & Christmas tree skirt.

Hello everyone!

Well I am feeling a little bit smug today, as I have finally finished my pinwheel seaside quilt!

As I mentioned in my last blog, it was one of those projects that got pushed in a drawer as I tackled other things.
I had made all the pinwheels, and sewed half of it together, but I never got round to finishing it. So I decided to set to and sewed the top together.

Then discovered that all my backing fabrics were just a bit too narrow, so off I went to the Fabric Guild www.fabricguild.co.uk and got a lovely pale blue fabric for only £2.00 per yard.

And this is the finished quilt! It was made to snuggle up in this winter, and has a lovely superwarm wadding in it.

Here is a bit of the detail:

And another section:

 It is certainly colourful! I call it my "Seaside Snuggly quilt," And I look to snuggling up in it when the cold winter nights are here.

So I am glad that at least another project is complete.

Also this weekend, I decided to have a go at making a Christmas tree skirt.

Anyone who knows me will know that Christmas is BIG in our household!
I always have two large trees, a real Nordman fir in my lounge, & one artificial in my dining room.
I bought a beautiful tree skirt from New York a few years ago that goes round the real tree, but the one I use for the other tree is looking a bit worse for wear.
So after looking at various templates on the internet, I made my own to the size I wanted.
And then I set to:

All ready to go!

My selection of fabrics cut out. (Pic is a bit yellow due to the artificial light. It poured with rain all weekend so was very dark & miserable).
Then when they were all cut out, I tried them in various combinations:

Eventually decided on a combination I liked (with help from Beckie) So I sewed them together before I could change my mind again!

 After they were sewn together (I left the back seam undone) I got backing fabric and wadding, and made a quilt sandwich, then I quilted "in the ditch" down each seam.
Finally, I hand stitched bias binding round the edges:
TaDa!!!!! The finished skirt. Again, it looks more colourful in reality. The light is not very good. Still, you get the idea.
So that's about all for now.

Not sure what I will be doing next. Maybe a bit of embroidery? Or I might finally get to finish my jigsaw that has been sitting under the sofa for ages!

Thanks for reading.

Will be back soon with more pics of the quilt room (especially for you Lisette!) when the days are a bit brighter.

Take care everyone, and to finish, a great quote from Dr Seuss:
              “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” x


  1. Sally-Ann, they are both gorgeous!
    You finish that jigsaw and I'll finish my quilt story I started a few months ago...

    1. Thanks Pat for the kind comments. I will look forward to reading that story then! (Mind you I always enjoy all your stories). xx

  2. Gorgeous as always!