Monday, 30 September 2013

Christmas Quilt.

Hello everyone!
Well the nights are drawing in now, so less time out of doors & more time in the quilt room!
You may remember that in my last blog I decided to make a Farmers Wife Quilt with a Christmas theme.
(I talk about the history of Farmers Wives Quilts, in my earlier posts).
Well I am pleased to say that it is now finished!
I took these photos before it was pressed, but you can see what I have done anyway.
So, this is the finished quilt!

I am quite pleased with the end result. Not perfect....(is it ever?!) But I think the colours go well together.
I decided to quilt round the main part of each block, to give a nice texture.
Can't see it really, but you get the idea.....
Toby doesn't seem very impressed though!
So that is finished ready for hanging up at Christmas time.
Next on the list are some Christmas buntings.
I bought some lovely fabric from Daisy Crafts in Bridlington when I was visiting, and she had some lovely buntings on display.
She very kindly allowed me to photograph them so I will be making them shortly. This lovely shop is well worth a visit if you ever are in the area.
A wide variety of gorgeous & funky fabrics, including my favourite Michael Miller designs.
Here are a couple of my favourite Michael Miller designs which I couldn't resist:
And this one.......

They are SO cute, I almost don't want to cut into them! A cushion would be nice perhaps.
So that's about it for now. I shall post some pics of the buntings when I have finished them.
Before I go, I thought you might like to see some Autumnal pictures from our garden.


And these stunning acorns from our walk on the local golf course:
Certainly looks like it is a bumper year for berries and nuts.
I was going to make some Rose Hip Syrup, but decided the berries were better left for the birds.
Thanks for reading. As usual, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. That quilt is so gorgeous, you are so talented! I look forward to reading more!

    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Lisette! I wish I was talented. There are loads of mistakes in it, but I just enjoy making things. It keeps the brain cells ticking over! Best wishes, Sally x

  3. Love the Xmas quilt, it's on my to do list but don't think it will be happening for this xmas!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. If I didn't start early, it would never be completed! I really enjoyed making it. x