Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Seascapes & Christmas!

Hello everyone. So sorry for not blogging for AGES!

Well what have I been up to these last few weeks? Well, I have been making a couple of 'top secret' Christmas pressies, which I can't tell you about yet, and my latest quilt, a wall hanging for my bathroom.
 It was inspired by a wall hanging by a friend of mine.It is made of strips of fabric and is given a 3D texture by adding embellishments and use of couching and hand embroidery.I also used free motion machine embroidery for the beach & sky.
The shells are about 60 years old, and were part of a necklace my mum had. When the elastic broke, she kept the shells in a box. As they had little holes drilled in them, they were ideal to sew on the "beach".You can also see the wool & sequins above the beach huts,
I also chain stitched below the boats with metallic thread.
Can't see it on the above piccie, but I have sewed silver waves on the top strip. Also sewed a thick ribbon/tape to give a bit of movement.

Well, what else have I been up to?

It is a tradition for me to make a Christmas quilt. I was really stuck for ideas this year, but then I hit on the idea of a Farmers Wife Quilt, using Christmas fabrics.
Up in the quilt room I went, & did a bit of rummaging through my Christmas fabric drawer:-

OOPS! I do get a bit messy!

So far I have made these:


Well that's all for now. Off to tidy my quilt room now!
Call back soon, and see what else I have been up to. x


  1. How absolutely gorgeous ! I love the colours how cute are the shells!
    Lisette x

  2. How fabulous to have a quilt room/ craft room
    Very lucky lady
    Lisette x

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments Lisette! When my boys (now aged 25 & 30) left home, I took over one of the bedrooms for my quilt room/ craft room/ study. I keep my sewing machine out as well as an ironing board & iron, so if ever I have a few minutes I can just nip up and do a few minutes sewing. One day we will downsize, but I have so much stuff, I will always have to have my quilt room!

  3. These are lovely! My sewing attempts used to have my needlework teacher in despair at school, and have gone even further downhill ever since, so I have massive respect for anyone who's creative in this way. And your craft room looks so organised. I have a corner of the family study for writing, and it's so chaotic I can't find the stuff I need half the time.
    Lilian x

  4. Thank you Lilian. I love having the quilt room, and I wouldn't do so much craft stuff if I didn't have it. I think all of us are creative in one way or another. I couldn't write stories for example. Thank goodness there are those that can, (like yourself!) or there would be no PF! x

  5. You write stories in a different way because there's a story to read in every one of your gorgeous quilts. I was so sure I'd commented on your Harvest quilt post - maybe I said it on the "Friend's" FB page.


  6. Thanks Pat. I try to have a meaning with every quilt I make, rather than just fabrics sewn together. I really enjoy the stories you write for PF. You have the ability to transport me to another place, especially your 'prefab' stories x