Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Friendships, and village show progress.

Hello everyone.

I had a phone call today from an old friend that I hadn't heard from for ages. We chatted like we had met only yesterday, and it got me thinking about friends.

A very dear friend of mine gave me a coaster which has a lovely quote on it: "Friends are like stars, you don't have to see them to know they are there."
That is so true.

This week I will be catching up with two friends who I haven't seen for a few weeks. As they work in a school, the only time we get a chance to chat is during the holidays.
I really look forward to catching up with the news (and gossip of course)!!
We always have lovely cakes, and the time flies by.

I try and take a few flowers when I go to visit someone. Doesn't have to be an expensive bouquet, but I have a philosophy that it is better to take flowers to people when they are alive, than to send flowers when they are no longer with us.

Each of my friends have different lifestyles, jobs and families, but I always like hearing what they have been up to.

Well, what else is there to tell you?

Tonight I have finished my cross stitch 'Congratulations' card, so all my entries are now finally completed for the village show.

This year I will be entering three craft classes, my quilt, my card & a knitted baby cardigan. I will also be entering the poetry class, in an effort to retain my trophy from last year.
I usually enter some of the fruit & vegetable classes, but due to the weather this year I don't think any will be ready.

The plums are tiny and green, the tomatoes haven't shown a sign of going red, and the apples are small and a bit misshapen! Oh, and the huge raspberry canes are all plant & no fruit!

Oh dear............

It is only a couple of weeks away now, so I will let you know how I get on.

That's all for now. Be back soon,


  1. Great philosophy and very true! Shame about your raspberries I love fresh raspberries !
    Lisette x

  2. I love them too! Perhaps next year will be a better crop. x