Saturday, 10 August 2013

Vintage Maps

Hello everyone!
Just a quick blog tonight.

Recently I thought that my cork pinboard in the kitchen, was looking a little worse for wear.
I pin all sorts of useful stuff on it, so at least I know where to find things!

I read a home style magazine, which often uses maps for decoration, so I decided to look out for a map in good condition to cover the board. (Not as easy as you think)!

Some maps have been well used, and have splits & tears, others have very bland landscape features on them, so they are not interesting to look at.

Eventually I found this second hand Ordnance Survey map which was made prior to 1975 (I know this because it shows roads that are due to open in 1975 on it), for 50p at a car boot sale.


It is in really good condition, so I measured carefully and cut it to size.
With a bit of help from some double sided tape to hold it in position, I fixed it in place.
I am really pleased with the result.

It is a map of Southampton, and I can look at the cruise terminals at the port, and dream of going on another cruise!

Anyway, here is a pic of it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Really nice crafty idea, I love maps you can normally pick them up quite cheap in charity shops
    Lisette x

  2. I love maps too Lisette. I saw a similar idea in Homes & Antiques magazine, and it really brightens up the pin board. I think this was a bargain at 50p, and I still have a lot of map left to do something else with. The nice thing is you can still use the pin board, and it encourages me to be tidy, and not pin loads of junk on it as I still like to see the map!