Saturday, 17 August 2013

What a day!!

Hello everyone!
Well what an exciting day it has been for me today.
As mentioned in my earlier blogs, today it was the Annual Village Show.
Now I know that to some it is not a big deal, but I think we should always support the area we live in.
The show has been going in the village for 70 years, and is run by the local Gardeners Association.
Independent judges visit to judge the work, and everything has to conform to the schedule.

There are classes for fruit & veg, flowers & plants, floral arrangements, cookery, preserves, wine, handicrafts, art & photography, as well as classes for children.

This year I didn't enter any fruit and veg, as it just wasn't ready. My daughter Beckie did, however, enter her lemon cucumber, which, it has to be said, looked a little out of place with the long green varieties!
I don't know if anyone has ever seen one before (I certainly didn't know they existed before she planted them), but they look like little hairy melons, and grow to tennis ball size.

Unfortunately she didn't win, but apparently they taste delicious.

Well, how did I do?
To my absolute amazement, my quilt won first prize, and also best exhibit in the handicraft catagory. (5 Classes). I was thrilled to receive the Diamond Jubilee trophy.
My knitted baby cardigan got a Highly Commended award, although my cross stitch card didn't place. (The other entries were fantastic, so I wasn't surprised).
Here is a picture of my winnings!

I also took first place with my poem, and my second poem received Highly Commended.
This year the theme was Richard the Third. (For all my overseas readers, Richard the Thirds remains were discovered under a council car park in Leicester, about 2 miles from where we live, so it was quite topical).
This poem was very hard to do, and involved me researching him a lot.

So all in all, a good afternoon!
Here I am receiving the trophy for the poetry section. There are no cash prizes, but that doesn't bother me at all. I won, and that is all that matters!

 Here is a picture of the baby cardigan:

My trophies, and my poems:

Last, but not least, my winning "Bountiful Harvest" quilt.
Every block uses different fruit & vegetable fabrics.
Now just got to decide what to do with it..........!
Here is the poem I wrote about Richard the Third:

Oh it’s amazing, you must have heard,
They’ve found the remains of Richard the third.
In a council car park that once was a church,
Finally after a 500 year search.

Married to Anne, he had only one son,
Whose life was over before his teens had begun.
Did Richard believe he would rise to power,
When he had the two princes sent to the Tower?

When he came to the throne, and was crowned King,
Little did he know what the future would bring,
His son Edward died, and then his wife too,
But was he the killer, or was this untrue?

It goes without saying Richard’s had bad press,
Was he the baddy? Well that’s anyone’s guess.
He’s been portrayed as a tyrant, a murdering man,
(Meanwhile Henry Tudor was hatching a plan).

At the Battle of Bosworth it came to a head,
The Plantagenet forces, to battle were led,
On the 22nd of August,1485
He fell from his horse, no longer alive.

But where was he buried? Nobody was sure,
There was speculation it was the River Soar,
But Greyfriars Friary was the last resting place,
Hastily buried without pomp and grace.

And there Richard lay, after Greyfriars was dissolved,
Stories and legends about him were told.
But now that they’ve found him, a new battle rages,
One that in theory, could go on for ages.

He should stay in Leicester, he has been here so long,
To send him to York, well that would be wrong.
Leicester Cathedral should be his last resting place,
To take him away would be a disgrace.

Thanks for letting me share my exciting day with you.
Bye for now! x


  1. Well deserved, Sally, really enjoyed your poem I watched that documentary as well, your harevest quilt is really gorgeous!
    Very talented Lady!
    Lisette x

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments! I am not talented though, I am one of these people who just enjoys having a go. The enjoyment I get out of making it is all that really matters, (although I was really thrilled the quilt did so well!) At school in needlework class, I was told I would never be able to sew, and that I was useless. It put me off sewing for years. I was encouraged to take it up a few years ago, and I now love it. My mum always wonders what my teacher would say now.......!