Thursday, 23 May 2013

"Don't you get bored?"

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog.

For anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Sally. I have been happily married to Steve for almost 26 years, and we have three grown up children.

I live in Leicestershire in the East Midlands.

I also have a cat Sooty, and loopy dog called Toby.

Sooty as a kitten.

Toby celebrating the Queens Jubilee in 2012

Last year I retired early as I have had a few health problems. The question most people ask me is "Don't you get bored?". Answer: NO!

Thanks to my friend Jill getting me hooked on quilting, I always have plenty to keep me occupied. Also there is Toby to walk, and a million things to do. My day flies by!

Recently I decided to take up knitting. I used to knit a lot when the children were small. I started by making chickens at Easter for the baby ballerinas at my daughters dance school. Each contained a creme egg. They were very popular!
This was my first one. The ones for the children had embroidered eyes for safety.

Yummmmmm! Then I have knitted a baby cardigan. Not sure why, as no Grandchildren yet, but I just enjoyed doing it.
I have also made some items for the home which I will show on another blog. So bye everyone.
Call back soon!


  1. This lady is one of my dearest and close friends. She is so talented, she can literally do anything - she's amazing. She has made me a lovely quilted cushion,drawstring sweetie bags and makes me a quilted christmas decoration for my christmas tree each year. By the time I have thought about what to make - she has made it, wrapped it and given it to me!!Wow!!Her quilting is sheer perfection and as for her cupcakes - say no more - just lush!!

    1. Awwww, thank you Christine. You are a true, true friend. It was lovely to read your comment. I really wish I was that talented though! Thanks for reading my blog. xxx

  2. Wow I love this blog
    Lisette x