Friday, 31 May 2013

Vintage, before we knew what it was!

Hello again!

I was tidying out my 'blanket box' the other day, and I discovered some tablecloths I had embroidered many years ago.

I suppose I should really use them as I think they are quite pretty, but of course I put them back in the box again!

I did think to take a few pictures for you to have a look at, so here they are:

This is quite a small cloth, but could be used over a larger one I suppose. Here is a detail of one of the corners:

                                                 Then I discovered this one:

                                           This shows the detail at the corners:

                                                        And in the middle:

                           And then this one! I used a sheet to embroider this onto...................

                                            Goodness! It's a bit 'busy' isn't it!
                                                Some of the detail close up:

I used to do quite a lot of embroidery when the children were small.

I also used to do cross stitch. I don't do as much now, as my eyesight struggles with very fine work. However I have just had some new glasses from the opticians just for craft work, so I might have a go again sometime.

Here are some of the things I have made in cross stitch:

I made the Leicester map while I was recovering from a foot operation some years ago. I couldn't move about much, so spent my time making this.

Then I cross stitched these little pictures from kits I was bought. I like the blue frames, which I got from a craft fair in Norfolk. They compliment the pictures nicely I think

So that's all for now. I had better go and get on with backing a quilt I am making for the village show in August. (Chances are it will sit on the side until a few days before the show as I get side tracked easily)!!!

I saw this lovely quote on Pinterest (can't use it at all but one day will learn):

So very true!


  1. I love those tablecloths, Sally-Anne.
    Love the map, too.
    If you pop over to my blog, you'll see a different sort of map if you scroll down a bit.


    1. Hello Pat. Loved reading your blog. I always look forward to reading your stories. What a talented author you are!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I adore table cloths you are so talented !
    Lisette x

  3. I used to embroider a lot when the children were small. Have decided to take it up again, and do another table cloth. Not enough hours in the day though! x